Labor Day Travelers Beware: Police Are Preparing Their Ticket Books!

The National Motorists Association warns motorists of speed traps, road blocks and revenue-driven traffic enforcement. Primed with federal dollars for traffic enforcement campaigns, many states are launching a full-scale assault on motorists. Road blocks for seat belt enforcement, speed traps, “road rage” details, and high-profile DWI patrols are being touted as the solution to all […]

Foundation Study Shows: Safe To Raise Freeway Speed Limits

According to a study just completed by the National Motorists Association Foundation (NMAF), higher speed limits are not affecting highway safety. The study of recent federal fatality rate data found states that raised freeway speed limits had a significant safety improvement, slightly better than the nation as a whole. In 1995, the National Maximum Speed […]

Great Year For Highway Safety!

This past year, 1998 is likely to be the safest year on record in the history of the automobile. What makes this unusually remarkable is that the major trends that influence fluctuations in fatality and fatality rate trends all suggest that we should be experiencing a significant increase in highway fatalities. That is not the […]

Study Confirms Fine Doubling Does Not Work

Confirming what the NMA has been saying for years about traffic fines and their limited effect on safety, a report by the Texas Transportation Institute (at Texas A&M University) concluded that increasing fines in work zones had no consistently measurable affect upon fatal work zone accidents. This report exposes “fine doubling” in work zones, school […]

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