NMA Position On Speed Limits
This section explains the NMA's position on speed limits and how they should be set.
Frequently Asked Questions
This article aims to answer some common questions about speed limits and clear up common misconceptions that people have about speed limits and their effect on safety.
Speed Limit Articles
This section has several articles about speed limits that are worth reading.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

NMA Objections to Red-Light Cameras
This article lists ten objections that the NMA has to the use of red light cameras.
Alternatives to Red-Light Cameras
There are better ways to decrease red light running than ticket cameras; this article details some of those methods.
Red-Light Cameras Increase Accidents
A collection of media coverage reporting on the increase in accidents at red light ticket camera intersections.
NMA Objections To Speed Cameras
This articles highlights several of the NMA's objections to the use of speed cameras.
Speed Camera Articles
A collection of useful articles on speed cameras.
Speed Camera Studies
A listing of speed camera studies that explore their effect on traffic safety.
4 Key Benefits Of Lane Courtesy
This article lists some of the many benefits that you and the other drivers on the road will notice if you practice good lane courtesy.
Additional Lane Courtesy Resources
This is a compilation of resources related to lane courtesy. It includes links to several studies dealing with the use of traffic signs to promote lane courtesy.
June Is Lane Courtesy Month
In order to bring attention to this important issue, the National Motorists Association Foundation is promoting June as Lane Courtesy Month each year.
What Is A Speed Trap?
This article gives a basic definition of a speed trap.
7 Ways To Shut Down A Speed Trap
This article explains several ways to bring public and private wrath down upon the perpetrators of speed traps.
Speed Trap Listings
A listing of speed traps by state from the NMA's Speed Trap Exchange.
Full NMA Position On Black Boxes
This article explains the NMA's position on black boxes and delves into why the organization believes they are a potential threat to motorist privacy.
Whose Data Is It Anyway?
An article written by NMA Michigan Activist Steve Purdy that explores the issue of who owns the data collected by black boxes.
What's In Store For Black Boxes?
This article takes a look at issues that may come up in the future with black box data and its use by both vehicle owners or other parties.
Full NMA Position On Roadblocks
This article outlines the NMA's position on roadblocks and explains why no free society should allow this kind of tactic from its government.
5 Things You Need To Know About Roadblocks
This article from the NMA Blog answers some common questions that drivers have about roadblocks and how to respond to them.
The 4th Amendment Is Dead
An article by NMA President, James Baxter, that describes the unfortunate way that the court system has dealt with roadblocks and other 4th amendment issues.
Why Toll Roads Are A Bad Idea
This article explains why toll roads are an inefficient, backwards approach to providing public highways.
Toll Roads Divert Traffic And Cause Accidents
This article analyzes some of the undesirable side-effects of toll roads including the diversion of traffic to secondary roads and increases in accidents.
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes
This article explains the National Motorist Association's position on high-occupancy vehicle lanes, which depend on congested roads for their appeal.
NMA DUI/DWI Position - Basic Tenets
This article explains the basic, underlying tenets of the NMA's position on DUI/DWI laws.
How To Deal With The DUI/DWI Problem
This article details the way that current laws could be adjusted so that enforcement and treatment efforts will be focused on the drivers who are actually capable of causing harm.
Common DUI/DWI Myths
This article explores some of the common misconceptions people have about this emotionally-charged issue.

Daytime Running Lights

NMA DRL Fact Sheet ( PDF )
8 Reasons To Oppose Daytime Running Lights
This article summarizes eight of the strongest complaints against the use of daytime running lights.
A Short History Of Daytime Running Lights
This article shows how a Greyhound Bus marketing campaign combined with a flawed study (later discredited) launched the concept of daytime running lights in America.
Sample Daytime Running Lights Editorial
This sample letter to the editor will come in handy for anyone writing to the media on the topic of daytime running lights.
How To Build Opposition To Traffic Calming
This article explains how to build opposition to traffic calming efforts in your neighborhood and includes a list of reasons why traffic calming should be avoided.
Problems Associated With Traffic Calming
This article lists some of the problems that traffic calming programs can create. These problems are often ignored by traffic calming proponents.
NMA Member Case Study: Battling Traffic Calming
This is an article written by a NMA member that describes the process of fighting traffic calming measures being imposed in his city.
NMA Position on Emissions
This article explains the NMA's position on emissions inspection and scrappage programs.
Vehicle Emissions Q & A
Some common questions about the NMA's emissions position along with a collection of facts on the topic.
NMA Emissions Testing Proposal
Explains the NMA's recommended emissions testing program which focuses on identifying the defective vehicles before they are brought into the inspection/repair system.

Auto Insurance Laws