Vehicle Emissions

Elderly Driving

NMA Position On Elderly Driving The NMA does not believe that the principal causes of serious accidents involving elderly drivers are poor vision, poor motor skills, stiff joints, or worn-out pacemaker batteries. Rather, it is diseases that cause a loss of cognitive skills that affect judgment, understanding, and memory such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Thus, the […]

Speed Traps In The News

From time to time, speed traps are exposed in the media. We’ll be collecting these stories in this section.

Photo Radar Technical Information

Specifications are for the AutoPatrol PR-100, made by American Traffic Systems. Power Current: 5 amps Voltage: 10 – 15V DC. Radar unit Transmission frequency: 34.6 gHz (+/- 10 mHz). Transmitted power: 2.5 watts (max). Half-power beam width: 5° horizontal, 15° vertical Secondary lobe attenuation: Approximately 38 decibels Measuring angle to direction of travel: 22.5° Range: […]

Photo Radar Technology Called Into Question

by Paul Orosz I got a photo radar ticket in Commerce City, Colorado and decided to pursue it in court. I spent a lot of time researching this issue, and have concluded that there are some technical issues that call this technology into question. As you probably know, photo radar is deployed at an angle […]

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