Inside Red Light Cameras

The Weekly Standard web site featured this five-part investigation on red-light cameras. This extensive report shows that the science behind these devices is bad and the police are using them to make money, not save lives.

The Effects of Raising and Lowering the Speed Limit

This report, which was prepared for the Federal Highway Administration, examines the effects of raising and lowering posted speed limits on driver behavior for urban and rural nonlimited access highways.

New Jersey Speed Limit Report

This three-year study by the New Jersey Department of Transportation looks at the state’s 65-mph speed limit. The analysis supports expanding the 65-mph speed limit.

New York DOT Study

This press release from the New York Governor’s Office highlights the findings of research on raising speed limits in that state. It shows that actual travel speeds stayed the same despite the speed limit increase.

A Recommended Speed Zoning Practice

A proposal for speed zoning practices from the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

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