ZF Readies Cadillac Super Cruise Rivalling Automated Driving System

German automotive supplier ZF is currently developing an affordable SAE Level 2 semi-automated driving system that may serve as a direct rival to Cadillac Super Cruise.

ZF’s new Level 2 system, which is called CoAssist, will enter production under the banner of a major Asian manufacturer later this year. The system combines adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist, enabling hands-free driving on highways. Unlike Super Cruise, though, CoAssist gives the driver the ability to change lanes while operating in semi-autonomous mode by engaging the left or right turn signals.

Super Cruise enables semi-autonomous driving using a combination of cameras, sensors and high-precision map and GPS data. Cadillac says the system recognizes more than 200,000 miles of U.S. and Canadian highways thanks to its map and GPS memory base. ZF CoAssist, meanwhile, does not use map or GPS data and works on any freeway with visible lane markings, relying solely on its cameras and radar.