Yet another study shows that bike lanes boost business (War on Cars Watch)

A deeper look at Toronto’s Bloor Street bike lanes finds more shoppers spending more money.

Whenever a bike lane is proposed, retailers complain, “It will kill our business,” and drivers complain they won’t be able to shop. And every time I know of, when they looked at this after the bike lanes were built, they found that, in fact, business got better and sales went up.

We saw this with an earlier study of Toronto’s Bloor Street bike lane, but a new study from the University of Toronto and the Center for Active Transportation, Measuring the Local Economic Impacts of Replacing On-Street Parking With Bike Lanes, looks at it in greater detail.

The Bloor bike lane starts in the west at Shaw Street, looking east in the photo at top toward the bike lane. The study evaluated customer counts, customer spending, visitor frequency and business vacancy counts. The City of Toronto also got credit and debit card transaction data. They compared data to a shopping district to the East, where Bloor Street becomes Danforth Avenue, as a control.