Wisconsin Editorial: Gas tax is best way to fix our roads

Students of English need only to look to the Wisconsin Republicans’ reaction to Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed gas tax to understand the meaning of the saying “pennywise, pound foolish.” The gas tax would cost the average driver in Wisconsin just $3 a month, but would go a long way to repair the damage done by years of neglect.

Under the GOP, our roads fell into such disrepair that they ranked No. 49 in a 2017 U.S. News and World Report. Things became so bad, in fact, that a 2018 study by the TRIP National Transportation Research Group found that problems with Wisconsin roads cost drivers in our state $6.8 billion every year and about $2,100 for every driver in Madison.

If the alternatives to paying the proposed 8-cent tax are to let the roads continue to fall apart, costing each of us thousands of dollars, or to fund roads through a toll tax that will charge us every time we get on the highway, I will choose Gov. Evers’ plan.