Winnipeg, Canada: Collisions on the rise at red light camera locations

The number of motor vehicle collisions at Winnipeg’s 12 original red-light camera intersections has soared 36% over the past three years, according to the Winnipeg Police Service’s recently released 2018 photo enforcement report.

But even more concerning is the number of right-angle collisions – the most dangerous kind of vehicle crash – which are higher today per capita at those 12 locations than they were when the cameras were first introduced in 2002.

The controversial cameras, now rotated through 49 intersections around the city, have often been criticized as “cash cows” that do little to reduce collisions. And while crash statistics at the intersections have been mixed over the years and plagued with inconsistent methodology in how the data has been collected, fresh numbers from the WPS should be raising serious questions about the effectiveness of the cameras.