Wilmington, NC plans on the horizon: Road Diets, Road Diets and more Road Diets and currently unfunded (War on Cars Watch)

The City of Wilmington has over $100 million in projects that haven’t found funding yet but could over the next few years. These range from city contributions to major roadway projects to new parks to expanded city buildings.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are the biggest undertakings for city government and, accordingly, they can take years to develop and — more importantly — secure funding for. In the past, Wilmington has bundled groups of projects together and funded them with tax-payer approved bonds, like the 2014 Transportation Bond and the 2016 Parks Bond. Other projects get funded individually, or as part of recurring funding (like road maintenance).

As projects move along and get closer to realization, they’re scored internally; the higher the score, the more likely staff is to push for them to get funding in upcoming budgets. Right now, Wilmington has about 73 projects. The highest-scoring is an $8 million replacement for the Wilmington Police Department Southeast Station, followed by a number of roadway improvements.