Will Tesla’s Battery Day Reveal Of A $25,000 Vehicle Be On-Time?

Telsa once again touts that it will deliver. After a delayed start at Battery Day this afternoon, Tesla revealed multiple, exciting announcements including plans to slash battery costs and the hopes to dramatically improve sustainable energy generation, e.g. 10 gigawatts worth of energy per year in 2021 — which is 100x more than Tesla’s current production – and 3 terrawatts by 2030. Tesla also expects to have an unnamed, electric, autonomous vehicle on the market for $25,000 by 2023. In a recent interview, Tesla suggested that it keeps beating the competition in electric vehicle (EV) range via its “… stay-in-control approach, in which it builds most of what it needs rather than source items from a supplier …”

Will they deliver on-time? Good question.