Will Ohio lawmakers have political guts to raise gas tax as roads, bridges crumble?

It’s likely going to take a tax hike to get a new Western Hills Viaduct and other road projects built across Southwest Ohio.

That’s a harsh reality for those living in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, where the Democratic controlled local governments seem to be raising taxes by the day.

But the state is out of money to build new roads and bridges, and fixing that problem is the first major challenge facing new Gov. Mike DeWine as the two-year transportation budget looms in the coming months.

The logical solution that’s being talked about across Ohio: raise the state gas tax.

“The need is great,” OKI Regional Council of Governments CEO Mark Policinski told Politics Extra. “Infrastructure problems are growing, and there’s no other viable solution.”

Is it such a bad idea to raise the state gas tax, at least modestly?