Wichita Falls, Texas PD gets new traffic ticket citation system

Thanks to some freed up money in the budget, The Wichita Falls Police Department is getting a brand new ticketing system called Brazos E-Citation.

It’s part of a larger public safety and dispatch system upgrade that began in 2018, costing over a million dollars. City officials say it eliminates unnecessary trips during a traffic stop between the officer’s patrol vehicle and the driver they pulled over.

“So now they’ll be able to take their handheld ticket writer right up to the window, perform the whole operation from the window, issue the citation and go get back in their cars,” assistant city manager of Wichita Falls Blake Jurecek said. “Brazos works really well with our current municipal court application, so the integration between the two was pretty key in choosing this vendor.”

The system comes part of a larger overhaul on the department’s public safety dispatch system and was made possible thanks to a state grant covering the cost of another upgrade.

“We had a project to replace several systems in the PD area which is the dispatch, records management, and their mobile app,” Jurecek said.