Why People Might Not Opt For Self-Driving Cars Over Human Chauffeurs

If you build it, they will come.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

In the field-of-dreams efforts underway to create true self-driving cars, a key assumption by nearly everyone is that people will flock to using driverless cars.

It seems perhaps blatantly obvious that anyone with half a brain will choose to use an AI-driven self-driving car in lieu of preferring a cranky, emotionally laden, fallible and (maybe) smelly human driver to drive them around.

Imagine, there you are, standing on a downtown street corner, aiming to use your mobile app to request a ridesharing lift.

You’ve had a long day at work and want to sit quietly in a car that will drive you home.

Upon pulling up the app, there is a choice offered to select either a ride that is a driverless car versus being able to choose a car driven by Avery Smith (a driver that is unknown to you, other than they have a high Yelp-like rating as a driver).

Which would you choose?