Where will the Red Light Safety Cameras be in Wilmington, Delaware this year?

Wilmington recently received approval from Delaware Department of Transportation to restart its red light camera program.

The city has reactivated 44 cameras at 42 intersections that already are in place and plans to install some at additional intersections throughout the city for this year.

The 28 cameras already up-and-running will stay in the same place, 16 new cameras will take between four to six months to install with the first ones going online in June.  Six previously existing cameras have been eliminated due to safety statistics.

“There’s a science to this, and we’re not experts on this so we use DelDOT in evaluating these intersections to see which ones are more likely to be susceptible to crashes and injuries to individuals, and that’s where we put the cameras,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki.

The cameras are designed to prevent motorists from traveling through a red light, possibly causing serious injury or death.