Where the rubber meets the road: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s DOT is failing to hear New Yorkers’ complaints (Vision Zero Watch)

Sifting through the available data reveals the department is simply unable to handle all of the complaints it receives. Of the 2,231 traffic signal and all-way stop study requests so far in 2019, for example, just 19 were approved and 13 were denied. The remaining 2,199 requests have no findings listed, but every single one is considered “closed.”

In fact, the DOT declined to investigate 584 of those requests without listing any explanation for doing so.

The mayor’s office announced a new bus lane on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, the DOT took less than four months to mill the road, re-pave it, paint new lanes, install signs and new parking meters, and open the bus lane. Apparently congestion relief now takes priority over safety. Didn’t Vision Zero used to be the mayor’s top priority? I guess he goes wherever the political winds blow.