When are you most likely to get a speeding ticket in Ohio? (TV news investigation)

We’ve been investigating tickets throughout Northeast Ohio, looking into the most common speeds leading police to pull over drivers.

We started digging after one local mayor claimed you only get a ticket on the highway in his town if you’re going at least 14 miles over the speed limit.

In Cleveland, we reviewed dozens and dozens of recent speeding tickets to get a snapshot of enforcement on city streets and highways.

For the tickets we reviewed in Cleveland, we found the average speed 18 miles per hour over the limit.

We saw a range on the Cleveland tickets from 10 miles per hour over the limit to 33 over.

The I-Team also checked statewide. The Ohio Highway Patrol analyzed tickets for various speed limits. We found something consistent with Highway Patrol citations: Most drivers pulled over by troopers are going 15 miles over the speed limit. For instance 85 in a 70, or 70 in a 55.