What to do if you’re pulled over and the cops want to take your cash in South Carolina

Remember, if your property is seized, you can try to get it returned.

Be calm and collected during the traffic stop or while being interrogated by police. Kindly assert yourself, ask officers to explain why they decided to search. Understand police are allowed to seize property if they believe it could be connected to a crime.

Ask for a receipt or documentation for any seized property, said Ronnie Cole, an Anderson attorney who specializes in interactions with police during traffic stops.

Police often will present a form at the scene of the stop (or later at a police department) and ask you to consent to forfeit your property to them. You do not have to sign this consent form, and doing so will not help your legal case if you’ve also been charged with a crime connected to the forfeiture, said Jake Erwin, a Greenville defense attorney.