What it means to have ‘organ donor’ on your driver’s license

There are many myths that may discourage a person from registering as an organ and tissue donor, which is why it’s important to know the facts. A common myth is that if you’re a designated organ donor, doctors and healthcare providers may not do everything in their power to save your life.

Healthcare teams and emergency room personnel are committed to saving lives as a first priority. The healthcare professionals caring for patients are not involved in the donation process, and only Gift of Life Donor Program – the region’s organ procurement organization – has access to whether you are registered as an organ and tissue donor.

Specially trained staff members from Gift of Life determine whether the patient is medically suitable to be a donor. If so, Gift of Life will share with the family whether their loved one has already made the decision to be an organ and tissue donor. Or, in the absence of a decision, the family can decide whether to move forward with the donation. Even after donation occurs, the organ procurement organization provides the donor family with support through their grieving process, including bereavement counseling and opportunities to honor their loved one.