Waterloo, Iowa Editorial: Traffic camera revenue isn’t solution for pending budget

Revenue generated by traffic cameras will do little to help balance next year’s city budget.

Waterloo City Council members are poised this week to approve the final reading of an ordinance allowing cameras set up to catch red light violations also to cite motorists for speeding.

The second reading of an ordinance designed to add additional fines for habitual violators is also up for approval during the meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday in City Hall.

While council members had approved a resolution in 2017 earmarking the automated traffic enforcement fines for property tax relief, the action also prevents the city from budgeting to use the revenue until a full year after it is received.

Hand-held speed cameras were in their infancy and generated just $22,664 in the fiscal year ending June 30, which is the amount plugged into the proposed budget being developed now for the coming fiscal year starting July 1.