War on Cars Watch: Generously Fund Cycleways, Experts Say As Covid-19’s Spread Boosts Bicycle Use

New York City, Mexico City, and Bogotá are rolling out “emergency” cycleways to boost bicycle use during the Coronavirus epidemic. The “Big Apple” has witnessed a surge in people cycling as they avoid crowded trains, and Bogotá introduced 100 kilometers of “temporary” cycleways to enable essential journeys. Mexico City is considering a four-fold increase to its existing cycleways network.

Brooklyn-based TV producer Doug Gordon—one of the three hosts of The War on Cars podcast—said he hopes New York City is “ready for what will happen when things slowly return to normal.” He believes the city will witness the “biggest surge in cycling ever.” He adds that “temporary” bike lanes “must be made permanent” and “there will have to be serious efforts to make sure all the cars don’t come flooding back.”