War on Cars Watch: CA Senate Transportation Vice-Chair Says Active Transportation Projects Increase Emissions (due to car idling in Road Dieted Streets)

Bates has made it clear that she is hostile to taxing people to pay for transportation, and hates the idea of paying for transportation infrastructure that doesn’t involve cars. At the hearing, she said that active transportation projects–“translated as ‘road diets,’ which is the term used these days,” she said, further muddling the topic–contribute to higher emissions by causing “mounting congestion on some of the primary arterials.”

“I think [the Active Transportation Program] had more to do with moving people out of automobiles and onto bikes and things where you create less greenhouse gas and the emissions, but when you’ve got the other two lanes and people are sitting in their cars, running, you have the same problem,” she said.

“I think there’s actually a formula, where if you’re sitting in the car running, and you’re emitting toxic fumes, it’s as bad as so many cars on the road. Are we going to do some sort of measurement of that in the future? Is it something for the environment, or maybe it’s something we need to kind of back off in terms of where we’re putting our money?”