Vulog Is the Biggest Car-Sharing Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Over the past few years, car-sharing has grown from a niche business to a behemoth that threatens to take a major bite out of global car sales. The question for users isn’t whether to try car-sharing, but what company to try it with. Zipcar has fleets of cars in most major U.S. cities. Turo will let you rent someone else’s car. General Motors, BMW, and Daimler run their own services. These names are familiar to car-sharing users, but that likely isn’t the case with Vulog. Even though it helps run car-sharing services around the world, you won’t find Vulog’s name plastered on any vehicles.

“We’re not a car-sharing company, we’re a technology company,” Alex Thibault, Vulog’s general manager for North America, told The Drive in an interview at CES 2019. Vulog supplies everything needed for an operator to run a car-sharing service, from an app, to the hardware needed for cars to interface with it, to fleet-management software, and a backend to run everything.