VT Lawmaker plans another run at tripling speeding fines in work zones

Inspired by a Statehouse demonstration in September to raise awareness about safety for highway workers, two state lawmakers plan to take a run at increasing fines for speeding in work zones this year.

Rep. Curt McCormack, D-Burlington and chairman of the House Transportation Committee, would like to triple fines for people who ignore the speed limits on roads where people are working. Rep. Brian Smith, R-Derby, plans to add a speeding penalty increase to a bill he introduced last year that takes aim at distracted driving.

“When we went to double penalties (the existing fine for speeding in work zones) I think there was an impact on drivers’ behavior,” said McCormack. “That’s what we need to do again. If we have to go to quadruple, I don’t really care; I don’t think they can pay enough. It’s extremely dangerous when people speed in a work zone.”