Volvo’s 112-MPH Speed Limit: Saving lives is a worthy goal. Doing so through empty gestures isn’t.

On Monday, on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo managed to pull off something of a media coup: dominating the headlines without having a new car to tout. Even in the midst of an ever-more-hectic news cycle dominated by larger-than-life figures and brands, the company managed to score attention not just from automotive industry publications, but from mainstream media outlets ranging from Fox News to NPR. And all with a simple announcement: Starting in 2020, in the name of saving lives, Volvo would prevent its cars from ever going more than 112 miles per hour.

It was a brilliant PR coup, sure to keep the carmaker in the front of everyone’s minds even as the likes of BugattiKoenigsegg, and Lamborghini rolled out supercar after supercar with top speeds that, with Volvo’s announcement fresh in mind, seemed almost irresponsible.