Los Angeles Auto Show 2018: Volvo shows gee-whiz new autonomous tech without showing a car

Prior to the 2018 L.A. Auto ShowVolvo made a bold proclamation that, although the Swedish automaker would have a presence at the event, it wouldn’t be showing a car. Volvo even showed an image of its display, an artsy sort of piece saying “This is not a car.” So, we wondered, what could the company be up to? The L.A. show is now in full force, and Volvo is taking the opportunity to show off the progress of its autonomous vehicletechnology along with Luminar.

More specifically, the two companies are showing off lidar development, which allows autonomous vehicles to “see” their surroundings using laser technology. Impressively, Volvo claims its lidar tech can detect objects at a range of up to 787 feet. It’s precise enough to detect human poses and individual limbs.