Virginia Road Diet Watch: How a Quaint DC Suburb got Hijacked by outside Special Interest Groups and a Part-Time City Council

The late, great former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill famously said and wrote: All politics is local. And the citizens of Alexandria, Virginia, many of whom are distracted by the noisy hum of national politics, have been jolted awake — as if being dunked in a bathtub of ice water — with the realization their city has been hijacked by a generally oddball ideological agenda compounded by special interests who do not live, work or commute in this once-quaint DC suburb.

Alexandrians are now left scratching their heads and trying to assess the damage done by a mostly unsophisticated, freewheeling city council. Residents are trying to comprehend how a part-time city elected council could do so much tangible damage in such a short time. Sadly, it can do a fair amount.

A combination of several seemingly tone-deaf, part-time elected officials and unmanaged city growth over the past decade with rubber-stamped overdevelopment has led to frustrating traffic congestion and a negative impact to quality of life.