Virginia: Lawmakers plan to put cameras on backroads to catch truckers who avoid tolls (SB 1716)

As Virginia lawmakers push forward with legislation to toll drivers on I-81, they are also concocting a plan to monitor and punish those drivers who try to avoid the toll roads.

On Wednesday, January 16, Virginia lawmakers submitted two bills to push forward Governor Ralph Northam’s plan to toll both passenger and commercial vehicles on the entire 325 miles of I-81 that run through the state, according to a report from WSLS.

The daytime toll for truckers would be $0.17 per mile, meaning that it would cost a little more than $55 to cross the entirety of I-81. The nighttime toll rate would be cut in half to encourage drivers to travel at off-peak hours.

Lawmakers trying to sell the bill to the public point out that truck drivers will bear most of the toll burden.