Viewpoint: Why We Formed the Future of Transportation Caucus (War on Cars Watch)

Billions of dollars are spent each year to subsidize modes of transportation that fuel inequities and fail to efficiently connect people of all abilities to critical jobs and services. Providing funding for new roads, while neglecting the maintenance of existing ones, is not an effective way to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure. We have to stop measuring success simply by how much we spend on transportation. If we don’t start evaluating how to spend our money more wisely and equitably, our transportation systems will only worsen — hurting our communities and our economy.

That’s why we have formed the Future of Transportation Caucus — which is dedicated to convening all communities and stakeholders, especially those most adversely affected by the current system. Collectively, we can create a vision for the future of our transportation system that prioritizes maintenance of our existing infrastructure, safety, and guaranteed equitable access to jobs and services. The three of us, in partnership with members of our caucus, will work together to engage stakeholders and reimagine policy solutions that will meet modern-day demands.