Viewpoint: NYPD Has No Answers At Street Safety Town Hall in Coney Island (War on Cars Watch)

Adam White, a Park Slope resident and attorney with the law firm Vaccaro and White, said that the representative from the 70th Precinct called traffic crashes “accidents” and insisted officers couldn’t write tickets for traffic infractions they didn’t personally witness. That’s not true — but it’s a citywide training problem for the NYPD, as the 112th Precinct showed recently in a video from Queens Boulevard that went viral after a driver ran a stop sign and hit a cyclist, yet was not initially ticketed.

“I found it amazing but not surprising that the PO from the 70th kept referring to crashes and collisions as ‘accidents,’” White said. “And he repeated the same old tired NYPD created excuse for not writing tickets based on not having observed the violation, which we have tried overcoming with some success through the Right of Way statute.”