Viewpoint: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the Latest to Wrongly Blame Bike Lanes for Congestion

There’s one problem: That report does not blame bike lanes for causing congestion. It doesn’t blame bike lanes for anything. In fact, DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg is quoted as saying, “We are now moving more people than ever, and the city has continued to invest heavily in bus lanes, bike lanes, and citywide ferry service to support this growth with sustainable modes.”

On Thursday, a DOT spokesperson said the agency was not pleased to have its pro-bike-lane report cited as the source of erroneous information.

“According to DOT data, bike lanes and pedestrian plazas do not contribute to Manhattan congestion,” the spokesperson said. ‘Our research illustrates that space dedicated to more efficient travel modes — like walking and cycling — has instead helped meet the enormous demand for public space created by New York City’s record population, job and tourism growth.”