Vidalia, Georgia considering Red-Light Cameras, and approved School Zone Speed Cameras

The City of Vidalia is considering the use of two “Red Light” cameras.  At its meeting Monday night, the city council proposed the cameras be employed at the intersections of Church Street and Highway 280 and Jackson Street and Highway 280.  A vote on the measure is expected at next month’s council meeting.

Meantime, the council okayed the use of speed control cameras in the city’s four school zones starting next school year.  Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by more than ten miles per hour in school zones will be photographed and sent a ticket.

The council also approved a measure requiring that citizens who want to speak at council meetings must submit a written request no later than the Thursday before the council’s regular monthly meeting the second Monday of the month.  City manager Nick Overstreet says the procedure will allow the city to better address citizen concerns.  He claims some concerns can be resolved without going to the council.  In other cases, it gives council members a heads-up and will help them prepare to respond in a more informed manner.