Vermonters question ramped up border security

In May, for the first time in years, U.S. Customs and Border Protection deployed a roadway citizenship checkpoint in Vermont, setting up along the bridge that connects Milton and South Hero. Since then, the agency has returned to the same spot three times, screening motorists again in JuneJuly, and earlier this week.

In recent days, the agency has ramped up checkpoints across the state. Customs and Border Protection conducted four checkpoints on Thursday — two on Route 105 in Berkshire, one on Route 118 in Montgomery and one Route 118 in Eden — and one on Route 105 in Berkshire on Friday.

In the past four months, the checkpoints have resulted in only one arrest. In June, at a checkpoint in South Hero, the agency announced it detained a Mexican citizen who they say was “illegally present.” It declined to identify the person, but said the individual was facing civil, rather than criminal, proceedings.