Vermont police chiefs want independent study of race and traffic stops

The president of the Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police is calling on lawmakers to fund an independent study of racial bias in traffic stops.

Hinesburg Chief Frank Koss, who is president of the VACP, said the existing data on traffic stops involving people of color is “flawed’ and contradictory. Koss said Wednesday that the legislature needs accurate information become proposing any changes in policy. He wants

“We’re not saying everything is perfect, we’re not saying law enforcement is perfect,” Koss said. “We also think the legislature should have that information before they make decisions on that, just to have the accurate information.

A 2017 report on racial bias in traffic stops co-authored by a UVM professor found that black and Hispanic drivers in Vemront are more likely to be ticketed than whote drivers. The study, ‘Driving While Black and Brown in Vermont,’ also found that the arrest rate for black drivers was nearly twice that of white drivers.