US House Transportation Chair: August Do-or-Die Month for Infrastructure Bill in 2019

The leadership of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will be on hand to offer guidance when the House Ways and Means panel meets March 6 to discuss the Highway Trust Fund.

Reps. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), and Sam Graves (R-Mo.), T&I’s chairman and ranking member, respectively, plan to outline a variety of funding options for Congress to choose from in upcoming infrastructure legislation.

Asked how an infrastructure package would be funded, DeFazio told reporters at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials conference Feb. 27: “Talk to Richie Neal.” Neal (D-Mass.) is the Ways and Means chairman.

At the same conference, Graves explained every funding option will be up for consideration, including tolling (of which he is not a fan), a vehicle-miles-traveled fee (which he likes), and even an increase in fuel taxes. As he put it, “We are talking about those things trying to figure out which direction we go. In my opinion, we’re going to have to spend a lot of political capital to do whatever it is we’re going to do.”