US government prepares to “transform mobility” with new autonomous vehicle strategy.

The US government has outlined a six-part plan that it will use to inform future policy on autonomous vehicles, after the Department of Transportation (DOT) published an 80-page document on the technology that it said could “transform mobility” and “improve safety”. Billed as a clear and consistent Federal approach to shaping policy for automated vehicles – and with input from manufacturers and technology developers, infrastructure owners and transport – the report said that the focus should be on removing the “unnecessary barriers that could stifle innovation”.

Writing in Preparing for the Future of Transportation, DOT Secretary Elaine Chao said that vehicular automation could improve the independence for millions of Americans, especially those with mobility issues. “Automation has the potential to impact safety significantly – by reducing crashes caused by human error, including crashes involving impaired or distracted drivers, and saving lives,” wrote Secretary Chao.