Up to $3.80 a day: Uber suggests possible downtown tolling program for Seattle

As Mayor Jenny Durkan considers tolling downtown streets or taxing Uber and Lyft rides, Uber is doubling down on its support for tolls everyone would pay.

The ride-hailing company released an analysis this week of downtown tolls, known as congestion pricing, saying the policy could reduce travel times, increase transit use and bring in more than $100 million a year.

The findings broadly align with a city-commissioned report released earlier this year. But the new analysis gets more specific, contemplating a toll of up to $3.80 per day depending on the time of day drivers enter downtown.

Drivers would only pay once per day at the highest rate applicable to their trip and could save about six minutes on average trips during peak morning and evening hours, according to the white paper written by consulting firm ECONorthwest.