Unwise Drivers Keep Smashing into Vermont’s Covered Bridges

One of the many charms of travel in Northern New England is covered bridges. However, carelessness by drivers has been causing major damage to quite a few of them. Law enforcement and public works have had enough.

According to NECN, there are more than a few covered bridges under costly repair. Randall Hoyt, a post and beam contractor says people aren’t slowing down. “They need to pay attention to the signs, and they need to slow down as they come into covered bridges. ” “It’s a lot of common sense.” Currently, he is working on a damaged bridge built in 1845. Last week, according to Vermont State Police, a New York driver in a commercial truck too tall and too heavy for the bridge was also going too fast when he crashed into it. Another bridge in Lincoln is shut down after a truck ran into it. Cost to repair is over $350,000.