Untangling Indiana’s BMV history can prove difficult and costly for people who want to legally drive again

You can lose your driver’s license for a lot of reasons in Indiana and getting it back after you rack up violations and suspensions can take a significant amount of time and money.

For Jimmy Brown, getting back in the driver’s seat took years of work and thousands of dollars. Brown’s lengthy history with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles started in the 1980’s, when his cousin began using Brown’s name when he got in trouble with police, causing some charges to appear on Brown’s record.

“The kind of job that I had, I had to drive to work and I kept driving and it just made the problem worse,” Brown said.

Brown racked up multiple convictions for driving while suspended and ended up in jail, by his count, around 30 times. He began hiring attorneys to try to get his license back, but at first he didn’t have much luck.

“I think I spent like $10,000 on lawyers … and nothing happened, you know, they didn’t do nothing for me,” Brown said.