Uber says its sticking to its own timelines for autonomous vehicle testing in Canada

Uber is in no rush to bring fully autonomous vehicles to public roads, according to Raquel Urtasun, Uber ATG’s Toronto-based chief scientist, who said the company plans to stick to its own timelines.

Urtasun opened up to BetaKit about how the advanced technologies arm of the global ridesharing company is focusing on getting the technology right, making safety a top priority, and how Uber ATG will grow in the coming year.

“The fact that there’s a change in policy is not going to change our timelines. For us, it’s very important that safety comes first, and then we will go into self-driving mode when we believe is the time to do it,” said Urtasun. “But its great to see that steps forward have been made such that when we are ready we are ready.”