TxDOT Takes Steps to Fix Broken TxTag Billing System

TxTag users continue to experience problems with the online portal. In September 2020, TxTag announced an upgrade to its website to improve the customer experience. The planned website outage lasted for nearly two months without any payments drafted from customer accounts.

By December 2020, network media began warning TxTag users that once the website became operational, TxTag payments could draft from customer accounts all at once, causing two months of tolls to be deducted from customer accounts instead of replenishing the accounts in $20 and $40 increments.

However, the TxTag billing system has not returned to pre-paid TxTag tolls. In fact, it took until January 2021 for tolls to be listed in the online portal, however, customer credit and debit cards were still not billed.

As of September 1, 2021, the last account statement generated by TxTag’s billing system is from October 13, 2020, and contains the toll activity as of the date the upgrades to the website began in 2020.