Editorial: Truckers Should Support Toll-Financed Interstate Replacement

The nation’s interstate highways are the trucking industry’s most important infrastructure – but they are aging and inadequate for 21st-century trucking. The trucking industry continues to call for a large increase in diesel taxes, but that approach will not fix the problem. A better approach would be the long-term financing of a second-generation interstate system based on a new approach to electronic tolling.

In December 2018, the Transportation Research Board published a 650-page report by an expert committee that estimated that rebuilding and widening the interstates would require at least $57 billion a year for the next 20 years. They suggested a new version of the original 1956 interstate legislation, with 90 percent federal funding based on a huge increase in federal fuel taxes. To generate the $57 billion per year would require a 360 percent increase in those taxes.