Trucker’s ELD Mandate Has “Likely” Led To “Increase In Crashes, Unsafe Driving,” New Study Finds

The electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate has likely increased crashes, led to a substantial increase in “unsafe” driving violations among truck drivers, and dramatically reduced HOS violations, according to an explosive new study.

The new academic study to determine the ELD mandate’s impact on safety in the trucking industry is exposing as false one of the central arguments made by advocates. In the push to mandate ELDs, advocates often made the claim and cited studies, paid for by special interest groups, showing the impact of such a mandate would improve overall safety on U.S. roadways by reducing driver fatigue, thus eliminating more than 1,800 crashes per year. The phrase often used was “ELDs will save lives.”

Further, advocates often parroted these created statistics to lawmakers as a pre-text to push for immediate action. New data is now blowing a hole in this argument.