Traffic camera vendor agrees to smaller cut of Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s revenue

Cedar Rapids will keep more of the revenue from automated traffic cameras when they are eventually reactivated, while the third-party vendor that runs the program has agreed to a smaller cut as part of a contract extension approved by the Cedar Rapids City Council on Tuesday.

The contract with Sensys Gatso USA Inc., formerly just Gatso USA, is extended from April 1 to Dec. 31, 2021. The agreement also notes the name change to Sensys Gatso USA.

Under the plan, the Beverly, Mass.-based company would receive $20 from each $75 speed ticket and $22 from each $100 red light ticket, while the city would keep $55 per speeding ticket and $78 per red light ticket. That is a swing of $5 less per ticket to Gatso and $5 more per ticket kept by the city. That could translate to a $500,000 shift based on the 100,000-plus tickets that were being issued annually when the cameras were ticketing.