Toyota is building an insane smart city near Mount Fuji

The Toyota Woven City is a 175-acre petri dish of all the technology buzzwords that’s slated to begin construction in 2021 with architect Bjarke Ingels’ Big company designing the entire place. (For reference, they designed the latest Google HQ and Two World Trade Center.)

Big and Toyota have already worked on the designs laying out how the city will work. To get around, there will be three types of lanes. The first will be for autonomous vehicles and the second for personal mobility devices like bikes and scooters. The third will be a park with a trail for walking. All of those will crisscross the city to get everyone where they need to go in whatever mode of transportation they desire.

It won’t be a Toyota-only piece of land. President and CEO Akio Toyoda said that they would invite researchers and partners to conduct experiments in the new city.