Too slow in the fast lane: The Florida law that’s rarely enforced

The Florida statutes refer to it as “impeding the flow of traffic” but most drivers have another name for it that cannot uttered in polite conversation nor written in this public forum.  Suffice it to say, nobody like getting stuck behind that one car going slow in the left lane.

“If you are in the far-most left lane, you cannot remain there if a vehicle is trying to overtake you,” says Master Deputy Gregory Rittger of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office citing state statute.  “If there is traffic passing you on your right, out your passenger side, that’s a problem.”

Failure to move over, or impeding the flow of traffic, can result in a  $121 citation, however, the ticket is very rarely written.  In fact according to records obtained by Nine Investigates, only 381 tickets have been issued for impeding the flow of traffic in Orange County in the last five years.

“It’s not a very common one, for the most part it’s more of an educational stop,” says Deputy Rittge.