Too many questions surround toll initiative in Connecticut

Before they impose tolls on us Connecticut peasants, I’d like to ask a few questions of the current Hartford ruling class.

What exactly is the infrastructure plan? The governor and the legislature each seem to have a half dozen or so ideas on how and where to implement the tolls, but when pressed on what their intentions are with the potential billion or so dollars per year of extra revenue collected, the answers are often inadequate. Are we looking at new interstate highways? Are you adding lanes? Are you fixing bridges? How much of it goes to rail? What about ports? How much are you planning on spending and over what time frame?

We deserve a detailed plan. The idea that they want our money but will let us know later how it’ll be used, is unacceptable.

Just for fun, I grabbed my trusty calculator and did a quick equation. If we decide to go with the plan to spend $100 billion in toll revenue over 30 years, be aware that, for the same amount of money, we could buy 4,811,387 pounds of gold (not using Troy Ounces). So, quite literally, we could pave our roads with gold! This leads me to my second big question.

Why does it cost so much to build and maintain roads in Connecticut?