Connecticut: Toll Protesters Greet New Governor; Lamont Says “We’ll Talk”

On a cold, blustery morning a small cadre of people gathered across from the Connecticut Legislative Office Building wearing red vests and carrying signs that made their position clear for the new governor of Connecticut: No tolls for Connecticut.

Over the course of the day supporters wandered in and out of the group. One woman banged on a drum like a marching brigade and Patrick Sasser – head of the growing group, Say No to CT Tolls, and co-owner of a small trucking company in Stamford – talked with newspaper reporters and television crews.

“It’s our turn this year to start the anti-toll protest and make sure our voices are heard and make sure the new governor knows there are still thousands of people in our state that oppose tolls,” Sasser said. “We’re out here and we’re going to fight this till the end.”

“The new legislators in 2019 need to roll up their sleeves, they need to look at the books, they need to figure out where they can cut costs, that’s what’s going to save our state. Eighty-two tolls are not going to bring new businesses into this state, they’re not going to bring people into our state to buy homes,” Sasser said.

Sasser’s comment were echoed by others in his group who say Connecticut lawmakers have to fix the state’s problems with the money they already have rather than raise more revenue through tolling drivers.