Ticket quotas — are they real? An investigation in Tennessee finds they could be in at least one small city.

Ridgetop, Tennessee: Population 2,076. The city located about 20 miles north of Nashville has a small police force, but the officers write a ton of traffic tickets.

Last year, officers wrote more than $250,000 worth of tickets in tiny Ridgetop. Sound high?

Ridgetop police chief Bryan Morris says too high. He goes even further and claims he is being forced by the mayor and vice mayor to write even more tickets, essentially being told to meet a quota.

“It’s a ticket quota that they have put on the department, and it’s such an astronomical amount. I can’t justify my guys sitting 10 to 12 hours running radar and doing nothing else,” Morris said.

Ticket quotas in Tennessee are illegal. An elected official cannot order a police department to write a certain number of tickets.