These Regulations Are Making Truckers Less Safe — and Your Amazon Prime Membership More Costly

According to the law, drivers may work for a maximum of 11 hours, taking 30-minute breaks within a 14-hour window and then take 10 consecutive hours off-duty. But up until 2017, drivers kept paper logs to prove they were following the HOS law. And those are easy to forge, proponents of new regulation argued.

In 2012, President Barack Obama passed an act installing the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate to put an end to the truckers’ freedom. The law became fully enforceable five years later.

With most trucks now having to carry logging devices, drivers have no power over their logs as it’s all registered automatically. The result? Drivers may no longer drive for longer hours or take shorter breaks. That means that many drivers are forced or pressured to make it to their destination within 11 hours, making roads much less safe.