The New Maryland Driver’s License Requirements Are Frustrating — Here’s Why

Getting your driver’s license (or renewing it) at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is not necessarily a convenient process anyway. But things just got even more complicated for Maryland 3,000,000 drivers.

According to WJLA, 60 percent of Maryland drivers will need to obtain a Maryland REAL ID before October of 2020 in order to comply with federal law. The REAL ID is a federal security standard for IDs now, and Maryland residents will need to become compliant or else risk being denied access to federal facilities or commercial planes.

But here’s the problem: residents have to provide four types of identification (to prove age, identity, and residence), and sometimes those documents are rejected — specifically original hospital-issued birth certificates belonging to the elderly. The MVA won’t accept older birth certificates, sending REAL ID seekers down to the health department to pay for an “acceptable” birth certificate before they can continue the process.